Repairing anything from tiny shopping trolley dents to hail damage and beyond!

What can we repair?

We can repair all sorts of small, medium and large dents on your roof, doors, bonnet, boot – wherever! Our services cover anything from tiny shopping trolley dents to hail damage and beyond; we’ve repaired everything from kicked doors to damage from fallen branches. Our gallery is a great way to see the wide range of work we do. In some cases, we’ve been able to repair panels that would otherwise have to be replaced, being cheaper than an insurance claim, sometimes saving thousands of dollars!

Being specialists in PDR means we also get great results on aluminium bodies, exotic vehicles, and dents that other repairers may not be skilled or confident enough to repair.

We’re not painters, so we won’t fix anything where paint work has been compromised or scratched. If you do have damaged paint, we can point you in the direction of the best people in Adelaide to look after your paint and bodywork through our trusted referral network (see below).

To see examples of the dents we repair check out our Gallery, or just Contact Us and have a chat about your specific situation.

Trusted Referral Partners

Don’t worry, if it turns out we can’t fix any aspect of your car then one of our trusted referral partners should be able to! These partners have been selected because we value their product and service so you can have the same confidence in them as you do in Dents Away.

Paint Protection, Films & Detailing

We’ve established a great network of quality tradespeople on this area. Please feel free to call us for a chat and we can point you in the right direction.


Have you got an unsightly bumper scuff or scratch on your vehicle? Want it repaired cost effectively and professionally at your own convenience, at work or home? Bac2Nu has the solution for you! For all bumper repairs, paintchip repairs, and light panel damage around Adelaide.
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Recently the dent (Dents Away) removed from the bonnet of my Merc AMG (it was a nasty dent), was very difficult and their work was OUTSTANDING! I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them to family and friends, which I have done many times with glowing feedback. What I really appreciate is they only attempt what they can do properly, and have always under promised and over delivered. Quality people to do business with.

Richard Wedding

Example images:

Dent from fallen timber post.

Golf-ball sized dent on a bonnet.

Deep dent in a rear side panel.

Deep dent on the front guard

A 20c sized dent on a panel crease.

A shallow but very large football sized dent on a door panel.