With over a decade of extensive experience, thousands of dents removed, and specialist tooling, we’ve learned a trick or two.

How do we do it?

Like most trades, there’s a lot of ‘insider knowledge’ when it comes to Paintless Dent Repairs. We’ve learned this little art-form by over a decade of training backed up by thousands upon thousands of practical on-the-job repairs. We work hard to keep up to date with the latest techniques and tooling, ensuring we’re giving you the best results possible. All this hard work means we can be truly proud about what we do.

Our tools include specially shaped metal rods and bars, used to massage both the inside and outside of the dented area. Using these tools we can gently work the metal back to its original shape without causing undue stress to the metal or the paint. We use a reflective measuring tool to give us a very precise indication of the curve shape. Once the metal has returned to its original shape, it often has the same structural strength as it did before the dent!

Other times we might use a ‘hot glue pulling’ technique. This technique is especially effective for multiple small dents like hail damage. It involves the gluing and precise application of small pads over the middle of a depression, which is then ‘pulled’. As you can imagine, there is a lot of light touch involved in getting that right! The glues we use will not damage your car’s paint-work either.

Best of all, we can combine techniques like these to ensure a great result every time!

Luke and Mike of Dents Away this morning performed repair of a sharp dent on the front passenger door. I was impressed with their prompt, professional, and friendly attitude. In addition their ability to remove any trace of the damage was outstanding. I would not hesitate to use them if the need arose in the future.

Steve Sanders

Example images:

Dent from fallen timber post.

Golf-ball sized dent on a bonnet.

Deep dent in a rear side panel.

Deep dent on the front guard

A 20c sized dent on a panel crease.

A shallow but very large football sized dent on a door panel.