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Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a list of questions we hear all the time. If you’ve got a question that isn’t listed, why not give us a call?

No! Once we’ve repaired the dent, the panel has the same shape and structure as it did before the dent occurred. This is part of the reason Paintless Dent Repair is superior to using filler and paint. The dent is truly repaired, not just disguised!
No, but we accept Cheque, Cash and Direct Deposit payments.
Yes, but we need a certain amount of information before providing a quote. We need to know:

  • The number of panels affected.
  • The number of dents.
  • The size and severity of dents.
  • The make and model of the vehicle.

You can find more information about our pricing and examples of different dents here. If you have some photos of your dents you can email them to us by clicking here.

Not usually. Every dent is different and we have to take several factors into consideration when we decide on the method and tools used to remove it. Wherever possible we take a non-destructive approach to remove a dent, however sometimes we may have to drill a small hole in the inner part of a panel or dismantle some of the body to best treat it. When this is the case we take the utmost care to maintain the integrity and quality of your vehicle – that’s the whole point of the process after all! If you have any specific concerns, you should get in touch with us to discuss them further.
Generally dent repairs take less than an hour, but every job is a little bit different. Factors like the location and severity of the dents all play a part in how long the job will take. If you can let us know some detail about your dents, we can give you a better idea. Click here to get in touch with us.
No. We focus exclusively on dent repair, which is its own unique trade. If you have scratches or chips that need repairing, we have a network of other repairers we can recommend that focus on paint repairs. Some practitioners take a ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ approach. We prefer to specialise in our chosen field, and would rather send you to someone we know can get the job done right.
Yes, in most cases hail damage can absolutely be repaired by our Paintless Dent Repair techniques. Get in touch and find out just how cost-effective we can be.
Yes. We are completely mobile! We can work on your car at your home or work, whenever it’s convenient for you! If you know lots of people with dented cars, why not get them all together to do a ‘Dent Day’, where we can come out and repair all your dents at once at an even better rate than normal.
DIY is great, but not when it comes to dents. Attempting to repair a dent yourself can damage the panel in ways that make it impossible for us to attempt a repair later. Attempting PDR without experience increases your risk of breaking the paintwork on your vehicle, which means the added expense of repainting later. Long story short – don’t risk it, call us today and get Adelaide’s best on the job.
Yes, but these jobs are quoted on a case-by-case basis. The best way to find out is to call us and have a chat, however you can also get some more information from our Examples & Pricing page.
We can perform repairs on any metal panel. We also do repairs on exotic cars with Aluminium bodywork. Most bumper bars are made from plastic, which Paintless Dent Repair isn’t designed to deal with. We have repaired bumpers for clients in the past, but we can’t guarantee a perfect result on bumpers or other plastic parts.
Yes! Removing unsightly dents will certainly increase the value of your car before selling or trading it in. PDR is a great way to get more money out of the sale of your car. We also do repairs for car yards before they sell used cars, as well as fleet vehiclesGet in contact with us today to get a quote!
No. Because the car stays with you while we work, you don’t have to do a single thing. We do our best to use the least disruptive methods possible while carrying out work on your vehicle. This means we won’t remove any parts like door trims or mouldings unless we absolutely have to. If we do have to remove anything, you can rest assured that we are highly experienced and able to replace the parts without any damage.

If you have a question we haven’t answered here, get in touch!

Thanks Michael and Luke for providing such prompt and professional service to remove a few dents from our black car. The results are perfection and at a very affordable price. I appreciated you coming to my workplace and working in extreme freezing conditions on that day! You both treated me with respect and fully explained the process and costs involved before any work was undertaken, at no obligation. I will definitely use Dents Away again if needed, and wouldn’t hesitate recommending their service. Thanks guys!

Lorraine Scott

Very Very impressed with the promptness, sufficient, reliable & attention to detail this company has – highly recommend you guys. My car looks fantastic! Thankyou

Ashlie Milton – Facebook